Painless Normal Delivery

Painless Normal

Motherhood is the most valuable and charming moment in a woman’s life. On one side, there is the delight of giving birth to a baby, while on the other, there is the dread of labour pain. Women who fear agony and pain regularly decide on the caesarian section, unnecessarily even when they can deliver vaginally.
However, now, women can deliver without pain!

The epidural anaesthesia made it conceivable to reduce labour pain and soothe the patients so that they could deliver without agony. Dr Sukhamoy Barik, the best gynaecologist in DumDum, has refined this method, applying it for years to gift mothers a painless and relaxing delivery. This procedure is risk-free for both the baby and the mother. The experience of pain during labour and delivery varies from person to person. Especially first-time mothers require appropriate antenatal guidance, such as a nutritious dietary regimen and antenatal activities, to prepare for the big day. Epidural anaesthesia is the latest method of pain management during labour, which guarantees painless and hassle-free natural childbirth. It is a regional anaesthesia in which a sedative medication is infused close to the spinal cord in the spinal canal.

Dr Sukhomoy Barik | Painless Normal Delivery

Advantages of Painless Delivery

1) When the pain is severe, the mother secretes some hormones that cause a great deal of irritation and distress to the child. Since Epidural Anesthesia gives solace from pain, it also reduces hormonal secretion, ensuring comfort for both the mother and child.

2) It is common for a few patients to encounter hypertension all through the procedure. Epidural analgesia can bring down blood pressure impressively.

3) Heavy pain can antagonise individuals with heart problems and devolve the condition further. Here, too, the painless delivery is most convenient.

4) Epidural analgesia can reduce the aggregate time required to finish the procedure. This way, patients can have a swift delivery. 

5) If a cesarean is required, it can be executed through a simple tube without endangering any further complications.

6) Most women who are anxious about labour pain demand cesarean even though a natural vaginal delivery is possible. With the painless delivery procedure, unnecessary cesareans could be avoided.

If you are looking for a relaxing and unperturbed natural delivery, reach out to the best gynaecologist in dumdum cantonment: Dr. Sukhamoy Barik.

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