Breaking common misconceptions about normal delivery is important as it helps expectant parents make informed decisions about childbirth. The best normal delivery doctor near you tells us about some common misconceptions regarding normal delivery.

Common myths regarding normal delivery

The following are some common misconceptions associated with normal delivery:

  1. Misconception: Normal delivery is extremely painful and traumatic.

Truth: While childbirth can be intense and challenging, many women find that with proper preparation, support and techniques for pain management, such as breathing exercises, relaxation techniques and medical pain relief options, they can manage the pain effectively.

  1. Misconception: Normal delivery is not safe and it is better to opt for a Cesarean section (C-section) for a safer outcome.

Truth: Normal delivery is considered a safe option for many females. C-sections are major surgical procedures that may be required in certain situations. In many cases, a vaginal birth is the safest option for both the parent and the baby.

  1. Misconception: You cannot plan for a normal delivery as it is entirely up to chance.

Truth: While there are factors that may influence the course of labour and delivery, such as the baby’s position and the parent’s health, adequate prenatal care, proper nutrition, staying active and attending childbirth education classes can increase the chances of having a normal delivery.

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  1. Misconception: Normal delivery leads to urinary incontinence and other long-term pelvic floor issues.

Truth: While some women may experience temporary pelvic floor issues after childbirth, such as urinary incontinence, these issues can often be managed with pelvic floor exercises (Kegels) and physical therapy. Normal delivery itself does not necessarily cause long-term pelvic floor dysfunction.

  1. Misconception: Normal delivery is only possible for women who have previously given birth vaginally.

Truth: Many females who have never given birth before can have a normal delivery. Each pregnancy and childbirth experience is unique and factors such as the baby’s position, the parent’s health and the progress of labour play a crucial role in determining the mode of delivery.

  1. Misconception: Wide hips make for an easier birth

Truth: Having wide hips does not always equate to seamless labour and delivery. Factors that may affect your birth experience regardless of hip width include the baby’s size, the baby’s position, an individual’s overall health and the strength of contractions.


To sum it up, by dispelling these myths and providing accurate information, expectant parents can make informed decisions about their childbirth experience and feel empowered throughout the process. The best normal delivery doctor near you provides comprehensive care and support to ensure overall well-being.