PCOS is considered a hormonal condition that affects women, having signs of increased male hormone levels and intermittent cycles. PCOS can be managed and treated but not cured. Treatment usually includes a combination of lifestyle changes, diet maintenance, stress management, exercise, adequate sleep and surgical intervention if required. To prioritize your health and bring attention to health conditions regarding PCOS, gain insight from the best PCOS doctor in Dum dum.

The condition of PCOS is known to have an effect on a woman’s ovaries, the organs responsible for the production of progesterone and estrogen. As these two hormones maintain the menstrual cycle, their imbalance will result in an unregulated menstrual cycle. This further leads to an increased production of androgen by the ovaries.

Signs of PCOS

PCOS manifests with varied symptoms in women. A few of the common symptoms include –

  • Women with PCOS experience an irregular menstrual cycle; it may be either frequent, prolonged or absent.
  • PCOS leads to difficulties in pregnancy and infertility due to erratic ovulation.
  • Excessive hair growth on the face and other parts of the body becomes more prominent.
  • Hair thinning or baldness is a common occurrence.

Management and treatment of PCOS

Here are a few approaches to manage and treat PCOS:

  • Surgical Interventions

In some instances, surgical procedures for the treatment of specific PCOS symptoms or complications may be recommended. Laparoscopic or minimally invasive procedures are performed to promote ovulation and reduce the production of androgen.

For more information, diagnosis and treatment, the PCOS doctor in Dum dum provides guidance in regards to the same.

  • Medications
  • Birth control pills: Typically, oral contraceptives are prescribed for the regulation of menstrual cycles, androgen level reduction and alleviation of symptoms.
  • Anti-androgen medications: Certain medicines may be prescribed to impede the effects of androgens.
  • Metformin: Medicines that involve the improvement of insulin sensitivity and menstrual cycle regulation may be suggested. 

Specific medications may also be prescribed to induce ovulation for those women trying to conceive.

  • Lifestyle

The adoption of healthy habits pertaining to lifestyle aids in the improvement in symptoms and overall health. As discussed earlier, this includes the following – maintenance of a balanced diet, regular exercise, stress management and proper sleep. Last but not least, weight management helps in the improvement of signs and hormone levels in individuals who suffer from PCOS.

  • Management of Specified Symptoms

In accordance with the concerns and symptoms of individuals, surplus treatments may be recommended. 


Periodic monitoring and follow-ups are vital for the assessment of treatment effectiveness and medication adjustment. The best PCOS doctor in Dum dum will help you navigate and provide you with expert care and support.