Looking forward to your normal delivery experience? Get to know all about it from the best normal delivery doctor in Dum Dum.

Everything to know about painless normal delivery

Though every birth experience is unique, advancements in medical science have made painless normal delivery a dream come true for many expectant mothers. Find out more about this procedure from none other than the best normal delivery doctor in Dum Dum.

Different aspects of painless normal delivery

Get to know the varied aspects of painless normal delivery below. 

  • Epidural Analgesia: One of the main objectives of a painless normal delivery is the use of epidural analgesia. This involves administering the anesthetic medication via a catheter placed in the epidural space in the spine. Subsequently, there is a significant reduction in the pain sensation while enabling the mother to be an active part of the birthing process.
  • Timing: Epidural analgesia is usually administered when the mother undergoes active labour and the cervix has dilated to a certain extent. The decision to go for an epidural depends on the mother’s pain tolerance and the progression of the labour. 
  • Benefits for the mother and baby: Search for a reputed “painless normal delivery doctor near me”. They will perform the procedure seamlessly by reducing the pain of the mother, enabling a smooth birth experience. This does not affect the baby; instead, it allows the latter to be born with ease. 
  • Monitoring and control: The dosage of the epidural can be adjusted as per one’s requirements to offer optimal pain relief while safeguarding the mother’s ability to feel contractions and pressure during labour. 

Is painless normal delivery suitable for everyone?

While painless normal delivery is suitable for most expectant mothers, it might not be a viable option for some. A few factors like medical history, complications or allergies during pregnancy might affect the decision to opt for or avoid epidural analgesia. It’s important to consult a painless normal delivery doctor and undergo thorough check-ups in order to determine whether it is a suitable procedure for you. 

Potential considerations

It is important to understand that sometimes epidurals might cause a temporary drop in blood pressure. However, doctors can manage it with medications and intravenous fluids. Some mothers might feel mild shivering, headache and itchy sensations, which are usually experienced briefly. However, the possibility of these happening is thin when the procedure is done by experienced healthcare professionals. In today’s day and age, painless normal delivery has become a common procedure that many expectant mothers opt for. Hence, consider reaching out to a painless normal delivery doctor in Dum Dum if you are pregnant to find out if it is a suitable option for you.