Fibroids as an underlying reason behind infertility 

Uterine fibroids are a certain type of benign growth on the uterus’ muscle tissues. They are one of the most common types of tumors found in pre-menstrual women. However, according to the best infertility doctor in Dumdum, fibroids could be associated with infertility. Here, we dig deeper to explore the connection between fibroids and infertility. 

Potential impacts of fibroids on infertility

There is a wide array of ways through which fibroids can hinder or impair fertility: 

Hindering the transport of sperm and eggs

The enlarged fibroids can hinder the transport of the sperm and eggs, as well as their implantation, complicating the process of fertility and pregnancy.

Alterations in uterine contractions

The top 10 infertility doctors in Dumdum have all concurred that some fibroids can alter uterine contractions, endangering an inflammatory reaction in the uterus. A uterus undergoing inflammation may hinder or resist implantations.

Level of glycodein 

Glycodein is a protein synthesized by the endometrium. This progesterone-regulated protein is an indispensable molecule in the maternal system for the regulation and progression of a healthy pregnancy. However, many scientific studies have found that the presence of fibroids can negatively impact the level of glycogen, leading to disruptions in the process of a healthy pregnancy.

Changes in the endometrial junction

According to an infertility specialist, the presence of fibroids also endangers changes in the endometrial junction. Fibroids have been shown to destroy certain cells that contribute to endometrial decidualization (i.e., the morphological and functional changes that take place in the endometrium to support the progression of pregnancy). Hence, once again, this way, the fibroids impair the process of fertility. 

Submucosal fibroids have been associated with a 70% reduction in the delivery rate. Recent studies have also concluded that the size of the fibroid plays a crucial role in hindering pregnancy. Intramural fibroids with a size of over 4 cm can break a healthy progression toward pregnancy. So, these myriad studies have all concurred that the presence of fibroids is detrimental to your fertility.Though the conventional treatment of uterine fibroid is hysterectomy, it is possible to get rid of fibroids preserving your fertility. The process is called myomectomy. Myomectomy or the laparoscopic variation of the same can help you free yourself from the shackles of fibroids so that your path towards fertility becomes easy as a cakewalk. So as an expectant mother, if you are struggling with fibroid, reach out to the best infertility doctor in Dumdum.